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Annette Salfarlie


Annette is always looking for ways to improve her section by taking constructive feedback and putting it into action.


She anticipates the needs of the team and instead of waiting for issues to arise she has already thought things through to take action.


Annette has directed the rollout of new processes and templates for her section in order to improve efficiencies. She motivates and inspires her employees and helps them achieve their goals.

Annette is a Senior Advisor in the Diversity and Culture department at the TTC.

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Dwyane Geddes

Vice President

Dwayne Geddes is the Head of Wheel-Trans at the Toronto Transit Commission.


Dwayne joined the TTC in 2004 as a Streetcar Operator, and has progressed through the organization to his most recent position as the Acting Head of Wheel-Trans.


During his 15-year transit career, Dwayne has held several supervisory and management positions at the TTC, including roles in Streetcar Transportation, Bus Transportation, Operations Control Centre, Employee Relations and Wheel-Trans.


Dwayne will lead the Wheel-Trans Department through this very important transition phase as we continue to integrate Wheel-Trans with our conventional system through our Family of Services initiative.

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Andrew Dixon

Vice President

Andrew brings almost 20 years of experience in the transit and transportation industry. His leadership in the transit and transportation industry has been instrumental to the high performance and consistency observed in each of the offices he has held.


Andrew has earned the admiration of his colleagues, leading by example, encouraging innovation, and managing with an open-door and open-minded approach.


Much of the success Andrew has achieved to date has been due to his commitment to ensuring that his team remains aware, responsive, creative, and supported. He has worked tirelessly to cultivate an environment in which excellence and service are the primary goals, the standard.


Andrew is the Head of Special Constable Services at the TTC. 

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O'Dave Griffiths


O’Dave is the current Business Project Lead for the implementation of SAP Accounts Payable functionality at the Toronto Transit Commission.


O’Dave has been with the TTC for over 15 years’ and has held various roles of increasing responsibility within the TTC Finance Department. In Accounts Payable O’Dave has performed effectively as Assistant Supervisor and has recently been assigned to the key role of Business Process Owner and Subject Matter Expert to provide leadership and direction for the SAP Materials and Procurement project delivery stream. 


The introduction of SAP in full operational use at the TTC has been transformational to how the TTC administers its business. O’Dave was instrumental in the successful integration and fulfillment of the Wave 1 Implementation. 


He has a Diploma in Business Management from Humber College.

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Evelyn Sadlier

Executive Secretary

Evelyn Sadlier was born in Dublin, Ireland where she obtained a degree in Pharmacology from University College Dublin.


She came to Canada in 2013 and worked as a Quality Control Chemist. After a few years, Evelyn branched into cost control for construction projects. In 2018, she started working at the TTC in Revenue Operations and in 2020 switched to Vehicle Programs. She is still in the Vehicle Programs department as a Project Administrative Secretary.


Evelyn joined COMTO into October, 2020 because it’s a great opportunity to implement change within the transit industry at a granular level and to support those in my adoptive city and community. 

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