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Committees and Subcommittees

Applicants encouraged & welcomed to all committees

Programs Committee

Responsible for generating ideas for programs which would enhance membership experience, supporting COMTO National programs and events, supporting activities of the annual conference, workshops, keynotes speakers and vendor exhibitions.  Committee chairs will also be a part of this committee to assist with goals.

Committee Chair:  Michelle Jones

Finance & Budget Committee

Authorize audits, present annual and quarterly financial reports to the Local Chapter Board of Directors, review financial records, correspondence and such other records that are required, review the annual proposed budget and establish procedures for the usage/withdrawal of chapter funds for the committee work.

Committee Chair: O'Dave Griffiths

Legislative Committee

Recommends policy based upon legislative directives that have been approved by the COMTO Board of Directors, identify and review new or existing legislation from on all levels of government and recommend courses of action for COMTO Toronto & Region.

Committee Chair:  Chrisanne Finnerty

Membership Committee
Includes Corporate Membership Sub-Committee

Responsible for generating ideas and development of programs for the recruitment of additional members, and to design and develop plans and programs to retain current members, and make recommendations, when necessary, to modify local and corporate membership eligibility criteria.

Committee Chair:  Lindy Norris

Community Outreach Sub-Committee

Responsible for outreach initiatives and for bringing awareness of the Chapter to the community.

Committee Chair:  Romayne Toban

Marketing & Communications Committee

Responsible for creating, updating and distribution of meeting, special event notices, invitations for all chapter business, and fundraising activities.  This committee is also responsible for maintaining all social media accounts, and public information notices in accordance with the mission and review of the Board of Directors prior to post.  Also reparation of all media releases and interacts with all levels of media.    

Committee Chair:  Shabnum Durrani

Web Operations Sub-Committee

This committee manages the COMTO Toronto & Region website and social media messaging.

Committee Chair:  Taiwo Rainford

Event Planning Sub-Committee

Responsible for overseeing all event planning and processes.

Committee Chair:  Shima Eghanian

Enrichment & Resource Committee
(Enrichment & Scholarship Committee)

This committee identifies and develops programs and activities of professional development for the Chapter members, sponsors various web-based activities, e-learning programs and resources.  Initiatives to support the chapter includes: job-shadowing, mentorship, job-placement, returnship and scholarship. 

Committee Chair:  Chris Addison

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